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The Available Types of Bike Locks.

Lock for bikes can be termed as devices or mechanisms for ensuring safety of your bike while you are not in immediate use of it.For cases where most of your movements such as going to work, personal recreation or even moving around town rely on your bike, there is need to ensure its security.Once in your lifetime, you may be faced with bike theft or if not you then a friend, bike theft is a common thing and happens to most people all over the world.

Despite the fact that it is common it can be easily overcome where precaution measures are observed.Most people tend to have gained trust with the world to an extent that they can leave their bikes out as the work or in the night unlocked not considering the possibility of theft.Potential thieves see this as a great opportunity as they won’t have to break into your house or your work place but simply take the bike from the compound and disappear with is an you remain cursing your carelessness.Wheel locks are in some instances used to keep off thieves, but this is not for the case with serious thieves as they will cut the lock and get away with the bike at no cost.

If you really care and value you trips around town, commuting to work are doing some recreation with your bike you need to make a choice out of the following to keep your bike safe.

The D-locks and U-locks are available at stores near you and can easily be identified by their shapes.The D and U locks have majorly two parts whereby a u-shape has to go around the bike and a straight edge which is the actual lock as it crosses the u-shape to lock your bike.

The D-locks and U-locks are among the most secure locks because most of the thieves are not able to use bolt cutters to destroy the bike locks.Locking your bike between its frames and tires is not a secure locking mode as the thief can decide to lift still away your bike while with its lock.

A wheel lock works by ensuring that if a thief stills it, they cannot ride away fast.The wheel lock does not prevent a thieve from lifting it up hence it is not that secure.The strength of this lock side alongside your get-away plan will determine the ease with which the thief can get away with it.

The other type of bike locks are the chain and cable locks, these locks cannot be compared to the u-shaped locks for their strength is really low.These types of locks need some additional reinforcement to make sure that your bike is safe.

To conclude the D-locks and U-locks remain to be the strongest lock to secure your bike if properly used.

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