44th Fighter Group

44th Fighter Group

F-22A Raptor assigned to the 44th Fighter Group flies over the Nevada Test and Training Range for a training mission during Red Flag 11-3, 2 March 2011.

15 January 1941-Present

 United States

 United States Air Force



Part of
  Air Force Reserve Command

Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida


44th Fighter Group emblem

Aircraft flown

F-22A Raptor

The 44th Fighter Group (44 FG) is an Air Reserve Component (ARC) of the United States Air Force. It is assigned to the Tenth Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. The 44 FG is an associate unit of the 325th Fighter Wing, Air Combat Command (ACC) and if mobilized the wing is gained by ACC. Otherwise, the 44 FG operates as a geographically-separated unit (GSU) of AFRC’s 301st Fighter Wing at NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas.[1]
During World War II, its predecessor unit, the 44th Bombardment Group was the first VIII Bomber Command B-24 Liberator heavy bombardment group stationed in England. It was initially stationed at RAF Cheddington on 11 September 1942, and moved to RAF Shipdham in October. The 44th operated from England for a longer period than any other B-24 group; sustained the highest Aircraft MIA loss of all Eighth Air Force B-24 groups; claimed more enemy fighters than any other Eighth Air Force B-24 group, and was the first group in the VIII Bomber Command to be awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for actions on 14 May 1943 for an extremely hazardous mission against naval installations at Kiel, Germany
Colonel Leon W. Johnson, while commander of the 44th Bombardment Group, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Polesti Raid on 1 August 1943.
In the postwar era, the 44th Bombardment Group was one of the original ten USAAF bombardment groups assigned to Strategic Air Command on 21 March 1946.


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Administratively, the 44 FG is a component of the AFRC 301st Fighter Wing, based at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (formerly Carswell Air Force Base), Texas. Within Air Force Reserve Command channels, the 301st Wing is responsible for the 44t