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What is a Trademark Registration?

For getting a brand name that becomes popular and successful, there are two phases which are necessary to run a business successfully.A trademark is a sign that is an indicator of something that is being used by an individual, a business organization or other businesses that will help in the identification of a product or the services of a company to be given to the customers to make it original and has a unique source.A trademark can be a name, phrase, word, symbol, logo image, design or the combination.The owner of a trademark registration comes in an important legal proceedings in order to prevent other entities that are unauthorized to use the trademark.There are legal terms to follow when there is a need for registration trademarks.

The function of the trademark is known as the badge of origin.

Bare license is one of the greatest feature you can get when you are registering for trademark.Acquired distinctiveness is the status when the mark is being used.Exclusion would mean that many countries do not permit the use of certain symbols in the process of trademark registration.

To prevent the incidence of making the trademark an infringement (unauthorized trademark), it must be registered following the steps of registration in a legal way.

One process that will help the party to benefit from the passing off incidence is if the person will be able to prove that the trademark really belongs to them.An unregistered trademark has legal rights called the Prior Rights that is being possessed if there is a long time that it has attained some local uniqueness.The trademark is then given in different form like may it be a phrase, traditional, symbol, a logo a word, an image, a design or the combination of the mentioned alternatives? This is to aid the entitled to be a property of the person owning it.

Being unique is making something number one in different categories and making it the only product and services that exist will make it an advantage when it comes to sales and marketing strategies.Legal processes are made to have a consistent and problem-free business regarding the trademark a business has.As a responsible owner, it is also one responsibility to keep watch and not let your guards down.Trademarks are divided on the basis of category they fall in.This categorization is based on type of products and the similar products are grouped together.Many a times, two brands resemble to such an extent that they are likely to be confused with each other.

Trademark and logos are two different things and holds distinct importance, but these days, people prefer to trademark a logo, and this has become a common practice.Different companies are available that help in choosing and designing various logo options and these people work for designing and are available online as well.

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