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4 Things to Look for in Your Managed VPS Hosting Provider

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VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is an increasingly popular hosting solution in the market today. Its strong technical architecture along with reliable resources makes it a highly efficient hosting solution. With growing volumes of site data of millennial websites, VPS is becoming the hosting choice of most site owners and developers. However, when you work on a high-end system, you also need to manage it well and provide the right kind of maintenance, so that you can make the most out of it. That is where managed hosting plays a very important role in handling day-to-day needs of the site, security, resource management, and so on. With managed VPS Hosting Plans, you can benefit from daily maintenance, software upgrade, backups, application installation, security monitoring and so on.

If you are looking for a managed VPS hosting service, then you should see if it meets the following conditions.  

Do you have complete control on the server?

One of the best things about VPS hosting is that you can enjoy complete control on your server system, along with all access to the root. This allows you to configure your server, customize security settings, upgrade any application as and when you need, or scale the resources as you deem fit. You can either choose to assign your tech admin to handle this or get allocated personnel from the hosting provider’s team to do this for you.  Either way, you should have the final say on the decision.

What kind of storage will you be using?

Along with having a high performing RAM and CPU, your storage architecture that largely contributes to your server’s performance. SSDs or Solid-State Storage Devices are more in trend and better in functionality. They offer superfast speed and hardware resilience, in case there is any power outage or other small-scale technical failures. Make sure that your hosting provider offers you SSDs for more efficiency and performance of your VPS. Also, check for scalability of such storage options, so you are always ready for an upgrade without affecting the site’s functions.

Will you get security monitoring?

Generally, VPS hosting is known for its high security structure. However, with managed hosting, this goes a step beyond and involves security monitoring on your server. While you yourself can definitely install the right security tools in place, your hosting provider can take it further by running daily scans and monitoring the files for any suspicious activity. And at the instance such threats occur, the programs flag the same and take necessary actions.

Do they have 24/7 support?

Maintaining and managing an entire server system is good as a full-time job. It needs experience, expertise, and time, and the support of the right people. The whole idea of a managed hosting service is that you should be supported with the right resources whenever you need. So check for 24X7X365 days of technical support from your hosting provider, so they can deal with any small or big issue that might arise in the … Read More...

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The Benefits of Web Design for Your Business

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Changes in times that are increasingly sophisticated make us inevitably have to follow these changes. Progress in science and technology contributes in many ways. The use of web design to make your business easier and more attractive is one example of this technological advancement. Many companies are reluctant to use websites to build their businesses to be more developed, whereas by making web designs is an effective way to increase your business.  Besides, the use of an effective web design can also make a website more attractive and create a website that is often visited by users. There are several benefits of web design for businesses that will be very useful for you, especially young entrepreneurs.


  1. Promotion

As a means for effective and efficient promotion for everyone in the world, because in this digital era various information can be accessed easily, quickly, and from anywhere. Can be used as an introductory medium for your company or business by entering important company information, either company vision or company mission.


  1. Imaging

Make it easy for you to see consumer responses to your website, one of which is in the form of criticism and suggestions given by visitors to the website. Build a positive picture of your business with an attractive web design to attract visitors. Professional business, of course, must be supported by a website that can describe the advantages of your business.


  1. Target Marketing

It could be a way to get a data base from consumers and find out where the most consumer dominance in an area, which data can later be used as your reference to develop or make your business even better.


  1. Conclusion

By knowing the benefits of web design for your business, of course you have to focus more on the use of the website. You don’t need to bother looking for employees who are experts in web design because there are so many web design services that offer web creation services that you can make choices. Like the LinkHelpers Scottsdale Website Design & SEO web design service providers that offer you various facilities ranging from responsive web design, ongoing web site maintenance, SEO optimization to facilitate your business and of course supported at an affordable price.… Read More...